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Meet this multi-function, space-saving home for your SONOS speaker. The Flexson Illuminated Charging Stand for SONOS PLAY:1 allows you to combine music, power, and light in one stylish unit, cutting clutter.

Ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, the office and beyond, the Flexson Illuminated Charging Stand securely holds your SONOS PLAY:1 speaker, while also offering dual USB power outlets - perfect for charging your smartphones, tablet, wearables, e-readers and more – and dimmable light, with touch-sensitive controls.

The Flexson Illuminated Charging Stand is the perfect addition to your bedside, desk or kitchen counter.
Material Plastic
Color White
Additional Information • Stylish support for SONOS PLAY:1, with illumination and device charging
• Gives a soft, dimmable glow, with touch-sensitive control
• Ideal for bedroom, kitchen and anywhere you need ambient light
• Two power outlets to charge USB-powered devices, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, wearables and more