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This economical solution for three-way control of a load uses existing in-wall three-way wiring to wire directly to any compatible Control4 Dimmer, Switch, or Fan-Speed Controller. 120V/277V.
Finish Pure White
Compatibility • Adaptive Phase Dimmer (C4-APD120, C4-APD240, C4-APD277)
• Forward Phase Dimmer (C4-FPD120)
• Keypad Dimmer (C4-KD120, C4-KD240, C4-KD277)
• Switch (C4-SW120277, C4-SW240)
• 0-10V Dimmer (C4-TV120277, C4-TV240)
• Fan Speed Controller (C4-4FS120)
Additional Information • Provides full control of the load attached to the associated Dimmer, Switch, or Fan-Speed Controller
• Communicates directly with the load-control device over the existing 3-way wiring
• Capable of controlling the load even without the automation system in place
• Elegant, sophisticated design makes a beautiful addition to any home or business
• Use up to ten Auxiliary Keypads with a single load-control device
Weight 0.07 lb(s) / 0.03 kg
Weight 0.11 lb(s) / 0.05 kg