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Flexson's Extension Cable for SONOS allows you to put your SONOS speakers exactly where you want – not just where its power cable will stretch to! Get rid of ugly extension blocks and choose this bespoke, neat solution. This Flexson Extension Cable increases the length of the SONOS mains cable to 4.9m/16.2ft . The Extension Cable is ideal to use with Flexson floorstands, wall mounts and ceiling mounts. For example, you will have plenty of length to run the power cable neatly through a floorstand and onto the best power socket in the room. The Flexson Extension Cable for SONOS PLAY:1 is specifically designed for the SONOS PLAY:1 speaker, complete with right-angled connector.

Compatible With • Bespoke design for SONOS PLAY:1 speaker
Additional Details • Increases length of SONOS mains cable to 4.9m/16.2ft (3m cable)
• Ideal for use with Flexson floorstands and/or wall mounts