Custom Driver

A custom 10-inch long-throw driver provides the quality and quantity of bass that is fundamental to accurately reproducing today’s demanding movie soundtracks and music.

BASH® Amplifier

All ELAC subwoofers utilize BASH tracking amplifiers. Unlike conventional amplifiers, BASH amplifiers track the input signal and adjust the available supply voltage to a traditional Class AB amplifier. This makes the amplifier incredibly efficient but also provides the on-demand power needed for dynamic movies and music.

Auto Power On/Off

The subwoofer will detect when an audio signal is being sent to the amplifier and will power on. Also, to conserve energy, the subwoofer will power off after a long period of inactivity.

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Speaker type Indoor
Color Black
Number of drivers 1
Frequency response 35 Hz - 150 Hz
Additional information • Cabinet finish: Black brushed vinyl
• Amplifier Type: BASH-Tracking
Bass drivers 10"
Amplifier power 100 W
Crossover Yes
Stereo Yes
Ported Yes
Downfiring No
Width 13.5 inch(es) / 34.29 cm
Height 13.5 inch(es) / 34.29 cm
Depth 13.5 inch(es) / 34.29 cm
Weight 13.02 kg (each)