A nice add to your home theater setup

Adding these surround speakers to your SoundTouch 300 soundbar leads to a thrilling, theater-like experience. And the setup? Simple. Two wireless receivers accompany the speakers to facilitate a wireless connection to the soundbar. Once connected, you have a premium acoustic setup to complement the powerful performance of the soundbar.

Complete the package (Virtually Invisible)

Want another compact option to kick the performance up a notch? The Acoustimass 300 wireless bass module can complete the package for a full surround sound experience. Like the Virtually Invisible speakers, it has a wireless range of 30 feet and fits nicely in any room. Add it to your SoundTouch 300 soundbar, and you’ll note the difference between hearing bass and feeling thunder.

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Speaker type Indoor
Color Black
Additional information • Small speakers remain inconspicuous while delivering full, immersive sound
• Connect wirelessly for easier placement, wherever you choose
Width 3.2 inch(es) / 8.13 cm
Height 3.7 inch(es) / 9.4 cm
Depth 3.3 inch(es) / 8.38 cm
Weight 0.54 kg (each)
UPC# 017817741859

EHFs Included  $30079

EHFs Included  $60024