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Haut-parleur encastrable 500W, Paradigm SIGLCR5

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Haut-parleur encastrable 500W, Paradigm SIGLCR5
Images Haut-parleur encastrable 500W, Paradigm SIGLCR5 - SIGLCR5-WH1 Haut-parleur encastrable 500W, Paradigm SIGLCR5 - SIGLCR5-WH1
Haut-parleur encastrable 500W, Paradigm SIGLCR5
SIG-LCR 5 Integrated In-Wall System.
The Ultimate for Music and Home Theater.
Exceptional Installation Flexibility.
Install three SIG-LCR 5’s in the wall behind a perforated screen or position three in a left / center / right configuration around an on-wall display / screen.
An Innovative Audiophile Approach to Center-Channel Performance.

When used in a horizontal orientation, to ensure the ultra-wide dispersion and exceptional timbre matching for which Signature speakers are renowned, SIG-LCR 5’s unified tweeter / midrange assembly can be rotated 90°. The precision and accuracy of this assembly and the sophisticated Signature crossover design ensure the rotation maintains the proper dispersion pattern between drivers and interaction between drivers and baffle, perfectly preserving sonic integrity.

Why a Backbox is an Integral Part of this Design:
- The backbox is required support for the large, heavy, cast-aluminum speaker mounting frame and baffle assembly.
- In concert with the IMS/SHOCK-MOUNT system, the Ultra-Rigid backbox removes any opportunity for unwanted resonances or standing waves to color sound output.
- Provides the exact engineering-determined internal volume to achieve maximum full-range performance and output.
- Helps reduce the amount of acoustic bleed-through to adjacent rooms.

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Couleurs offertes Blanc (repeignable)


Réponse en fréquence (Hz~kHz) 58Hz~45KHz
Design des haut-parleurs 3.5-voies
Puissance RMS (Watts) 500W
Sensibilité (dB) 94dB
Impédance (ohms) 8ohms
Haut-parleurs graves diamètre Dôme de graves 178mm (7'')
Haut-parleurs aigus diamètre Cône d'aigus 25mm (1'')
Protection contre les champs magnétiques O/N oui


Produit Largeur Hauteur Profondeur (mm/po) 230 x 925 (9'' x 36'')
Emballage Largeur Hauteur Profondeur (mm/po) 1067 x 355 x 203mm (42'' x 14'' x 8'')


Produit poids (kg/lb) 10.4kg (23lb)
Emballage poids (kg/lb) 13.6kg (30lb)


Garantie pièces 5ans
Garantie main d'œuvre 5ans

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